Dreams Are Like Stars Essay Contest

BGCMC middle school members submitted 21 essays for this year’s Ford Driving Dreams Essay contest. Participating members were asked to write a 500-word essay based on the following criteria; tell readers about their dream, how their dream will positively impact others, what inspires their dream, and is there something they hope to achieve this school year to get closer to their dream?

Contest winners for 2018 are Angel D. (who won a $450 Visa gift card and a Macbook Air), Donovan G. (who won a $350 Visa gift card and a Macbook Air), and Melina M. (who won a $200 Visa gift card and a Macbook Air). Thank you to our wonderful judges Peter Nielsen, Paula Robichaud, and Susan Meister!

The Ford Driving Dreams Essay contest was made possible by our partnership with the Ford Motor Company. Thank you to Rocio Navarro, Finance Manager at Cypress Coast Ford’s, for presenting the awards to our winners!

My Dream

By Donovan G.

Ever since I was a young boy, I have dreamed of becoming an automotive designer. The reason why I have chosen this as my career path is because I have always been interested in motor vehicles and the making of them. I also hope to attend Art Design school in Pasadena, California because they offer a degree in industrial design with a specialty in auto design. I think that because of my imagination, I would be able to create very impressive car designs. By attending Art Design school, I would have the opportunity to learn even more about auto design and become a very valuable employee to a great car design company someday.

I believe that my dream will positively impact others in many ways. One way that becoming an auto designer will positively impact others is by taking into consideration the opinions of others when I am sketching designs for the visual appearances of cars. Another way that my dream will positively impact others is by bringing the image of their dream cars to life. There are many things that inspire my dream. My dad and my uncle have both inspired my dream of becoming an auto designer because they both work at a car dealership. As a result of their work with the dealership, I have gotten the opportunity to see many interesting different cars and see how excited people get when they are able to purchase the car of their dreams. In order to get closer to my dream, there are a few things that I hope to accomplish this school year. I need to continue to get good grades so that I can be accepted into Art Design school. In addition, I need to educate myself on the logistics regarding automotive design. One way that I can do this is by spending more time at the dealership where my family members work and doing additional research on the topic. With the continued support from my family and my dedication to achieving this dream, I know that I will be able to accomplish becoming a very successful automotive designer.


My Dream

By Angel D.

My dream is to become an archaeologist. Since I was a little kid, I have been fascinated by historical artifacts. I realize it will take a long time but I am a hard worker and I will try my best in school to reach my dream. I will also need to earn a master’s degree, which will take 6-8 years after I graduate high school. My wish is to attend Stanford University so I can accomplish my dreams.

When I achieve my dream I will become a positive role model for my younger siblings. This will inspire my family and friends to aim high with their own education. Along with encouraging my younger siblings, I will also try my best to be a good role model to my friends. By doing this I would feel accomplished as an older sibling and friend. One thing that first interested me in this dream was watching the history channel. Every day when I was a kid I was fascinated with all the shows they aired. The show I usually watched the most was The Naked Archaeologist. He is a man who goes around the world and finds ancient artifacts and tries to find what it was made out of and what it was used for. I believe doing good in school will help me achieve my dream of becoming an archaeologist, and this mainly includes getting good grades. I would need to focus in school, listen in class, and study hard. Finally, I will try to expand my experience by volunteering my time at places that offer opportunities to study human history through analyzing artifacts. I believe doing all of the above will help me achieve my dream. Becoming an archaeologist is my main priority for determining my future. Doing this will help me become a positive role model. My passion to become an archaeologist started when I was a little kid has impacted me over the past couple of years. By being a good student, my path towards my dream will be easy to accomplish.


What drives your dream?

By Melina M.

Hello, my name is Melina I am 12 years old. I live with my mom, brother, and sisters. I am the oldest out of 4 kids, so I have to leave a good example. I am visually impaired, my impairment is called Octave Nerve Hypoplasia. My impairment is one of the strongest things that take part in my dreams for the future. I do not let my visual impairment stop me from having fun and making new friends!

My dream is lots of thing. First I want to graduate from the International School of Monterey. Which is the school I am going to at the moment. After that I will start high school and then graduate, along with meeting new people and having a couple sleepovers. Then after high school I will go to college. I am not sure what college I want to go to but one day I will know. In the middle of college I want to get a part time job so when I graduate college I will not be so lost in what to do. Right after college I am going to move to LA with 1 or 2 of my friends and we are going to share an apartment. That way we won’t lose as much money if we lived alone. Also because then I will always see my friends. My dream job is to work with animals in any way I can. I love animals and being around them make me so happy.

My dream would help the owners of the pets. Also would help the animals. I am not sure how I am going to help the animals. But I am going to try my best to be as helpful as I can.

What mainly inspires my dreams is my grandma and youtube. It all started a long time ago. When I was about 5 years old and every morning I would watch TV shows on how to take care of all sorts of animals. I have always loved animals and I will never stop loving them. They are such a huge part of my dream. My grandma volunteers at an SPCA so I get to have a little more experience there. She told me that to volunteer you have to be 16. So my goal is to start at that age. If somehow I can’t work with animals I have a backup plan. I am not sure if it is the best plan. I am going to start a youtube channel and if I get 1 million subscribers that means that youtube can pay me and that could also be a job.

This school year I am going to try my very best to get lots of good grades and turn in all of my  assignments. This school year I am participating in science fair so I am going to work my hardest.

Thank you for taking the time to read this. I really appreciate it. Once again thank you and have an amazing day!

April 26th, 1967- Glenville High School:

“I want to assure you today that the idea whose time has come in our day and our generation is the idea of freedom and human dignity.”– Martin Luther King, Jr.

DREAM BIG Essay Contest

Dr. Martin Luther King had an incredible vision for the United States built on principles of justice, equal opportunity, and love for all human beings.

The Modell Lyric wants to know about your big dreams.

We’re asking students 5th-12th grade from Baltimore City to write a 300-word essay about an important dream you have for yourself, your family, and your community.

The 10 finalists will receive $100, have their essays videotaped for our website, and be our guests for an awards ceremony and essay reading on Wednesday, April 4th.  We will also provide finalists with tickets to an upcoming performance. All finalist must be accompanied by an adult.

For official guidelines and submission instructions please CLICK HERE

For the application form and permission slip please CLICK HERE

“I believe in one day and someday and this perfect moment called Now.”- Jacqueline Woodson, Black Girl Dreaming

Rising Up! is a pilot education program for middle school students attending school in Baltimore City. Expert teaching artists work with middle schools over a ten-week period. Workshops are conducted by trained teaching artists and occur during the school day. Students develop first person autobiographical narratives which are then sculpted into a play students perform on The Modell Lyric stage.  This year the final performance is Wednesday, April 18, 2018 at 6:00 pm and we want everyone to attend and hear the poignant, funny, and inspirational stories of young people.  For more information or to participate in next school year’s program, contact the education staff at education@modell-lyric.com or 667-260-2442.

Musical Theater Camp

June 25, 2018 – July 27, 2018

The Modell- Lyric offers this 5-week intensive camp to students entering 9-12th grade. Our resident company, the Ballet Theatre of Maryland joins us in this initiative as a participating partner. This unique opportunity will provide rigorous instruction in all components of musical theater including voice, acting, dance, and performance. Campers will attend weekly master classes taught by celebrated guest artists who have forged stellar careers on Broadway and other professional stages around the country. As our students hone their creative skills, they will also learn about the business of show, while receiving valuable audition training and in-depth instruction on how to realistically pursue a career in musical theatre. Our camp will culminate in an exciting showcase of student work performed on The Modell Lyric’s historic stage for an invited audience.
The Modell Lyric is lucky to have the following Broadway actors conducting our master classes:

June 25th: Beth Leavel- Tony Award Winner (Drowsy Chaperone) “How to Create a Tony- Award Winning Character.”
July 2nd:  Nancy Opel- Tony Award Nominee- (Urinetown) “Fearless Voice”
July 9th: Bob Cuccioli- Tony Award Nominee (Jeckyll and Hyde)- “Thriving as an Actor”
July 16th: Harriett D. Foy-recently appeared in Broadway’s Amelie- “The Versatile Actor”

Cost, $400, includes lunch and snacks. Generous scholarships available. Camp runs 9-4 pm Monday-Friday. Campers can be dropped off as early as 8 am and must be picked up by 5 pm each day.

Please note: An audition is required prior to students being accepted into camp. All perspective campers must attend auditions on Sunday, April 29, 2018. Once the application is submitted, students will receive a timeslot between 10-4. Auditioners must prepare a one-minute theater monologue and sing a song from a musical without accompaniment. Auditioners should also wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to learn a dance sequence taught by Ballet Theater of Maryland.

For more information contact education@modell-lyric.com.  We’re looking forward to seeing you this summer!


If I’m gonna tell a real story, I’m gonna start with my name –Kendrick Lamar

Origins is a new program at the Modell Lyric that provides space, training, and technical support for generative performing artists living in the Baltimore metropolitan region.  The program includes use of the Mangione Family Education Center for rehearsals, work-in-progress readings, master classes, and career development workshops.  For more information contact about way you can use our spaces contact education@modell-lyric.com or 667-260-2442.

The Lyric/Lyric Opera Baltimore is delighted to announce an exciting and significant opportunity for your talented singers! We are sponsoring an Opera Camp this summer for 25 vocally talented students to take place from July 11th to August 5th here in the Lyric Opera House. This program will be by audition only and completely free of charge to those selected. This program was first implemented in the summer of 2010 and was highly successful in promoting students’ awareness of opera and the vocal and theatrical arts. Our graduates have gone on to major educational institutions and careers. Daily sessions (Monday through Friday) will last from 9:00am to 3:00pm and will include breakfast and lunch. Campers will receive vocal and dramatic instruction, as well as master classes from professionals in the world of stage management and direction, make-up and wigs, lighting and design, and others. They will also receive field trips to other cultural venues, including the Walters Art Gallery. They will also create, produce and perform an opera on the stage of the Lyric for their final project. We are looking for Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Anne Arundel County, Harford County and Howard County High School students in grades 9 thru 12 for this program. Potential campers should have vocal aptitude, an interest in opera, movement and theatre, and will need to be able to commit to the entire session, which will last from July 7th to August 5th from 9:00am to 3:00pm. There will be no cost whatsoever to the campers, but they will need to provide their own transportation to and from the theatre. We again have to stress that in order to receive maximum benefit from the program and to ensure its success the campers will have to be able to commit to the entire four week program. Auditions will be Saturday, April 2th, from 10am-2pm, and Monday, April 4, from 3pm to 5pm, by appointment only at the Lyric Opera House, 110 West Mount Royal Avenue. Students will need to prepare two songs/arias to sing and take part in a brief interview in which they should be prepared to let us know how much they would like to be considered for this opportunity.

Formal auditions have been held.  Camperships are still available.  Please contact Jim Harp at jharp@lyricoperahouse.com or 410-900-1161.

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