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Meghalaya records 7 per cent drop in foreign tourist visits


NE increases 1pc as visitor numbers surge by almost 1 million nationally I Tripura sees greatest regional growthShillong: Foreign tourist visits (FTVs) to Meghalaya saw a decline of more than 7 per cent in 2015 compared to the previous year, even as international arrivals increased in the North East and nationally, figures provided in the Rajya Sabha on Wednesday show.

In a written reply, Union minister of state for tourism and culture Mahesh Singh stated that FTVs nationwide increased by 9.92 lakh (or 4.4 per cent) last year to over 2.3 crore, but the North East`s figures went up by just under 1 per cent (or 1,101) to 1.18 lakh.

The region`s share of the foreign tourism market is paltry, standing at just 0.5 per cent of the country`s total. The western region, which includes Maharashtra, Goa, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh, saw the greatest share at 30.6 per cent of FTVs.

The figures were gleaned from records submitted by state and Union Territory tourism departments.

Meghalaya saw 8,664 FTVs in 2014 and 8,027 (a decline of 637) the following year. Overall, the state ranks fourth in the region in terms of FTVs, behind Sikkim (38,479), Tripura (34,886) and Assam (24,720).

Tripura saw growth of more than 30 per cent on the year before (26,688 FTVs in 2014), while Assam grew by 14.78 per cent from 21,537. While still the state with the most foreign visits, Sikkim saw a decline of more than a fifth from 49,175 in 2014.

Among the other North East states, Manipur recorded 3,260 foreign visits last year, a growth of nearly 500 (17.73 per cent) and Arunachal Pradesh went up from 5,204 to 5,705 (9.63 per cent).

Mizoram recorded the lowest FTVs of any state or UT in the country – just 798 last year, a decline of 123 (13.36 per cent) on 2014. Nagaland, meanwhile, saw an increase from 2,585 to 2,769 (7.12 per cent).

lower figures Meghalaya saw 8,664 FTVs in 2014 and 8,027 (a decline of 7.35 per cent) the following year. Mizoram recorded the lowest FTVs of any state or Union Territory in the country – just 798 in 2015, a decrease of 123 (13.36 per cent) on 2014. The figures were gleaned from records submitted by state and UT tourism departments.

Source: Eastern Chronicle

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BOSTON: A 35-year-old man, who shot himself near Harvard University here a week ago, has left behind a 1905-page suicide note, an online document he had been working on for the last five years.

Mitchell Heisman shot himself at Harvard Yard on September 18.

His family and about 400 friends received the 1,905-page suicide note in a posthumous e-mail.

In the note Heisman wrote that he took his life as part of a philosophical exploration he called "an experiment in nihilism."

The lengthy document included 1,433 footnotes, a 20-page bibliography, over 1,700 references to God and 200 references to the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche.

Heisman wrote, "Every word, every thought and every emotion come back to one core problem: life is meaningless... The experiment in nihilism is to seek out and expose every illusion and every myth, wherever it may lead, no matter what, even if it kills us."

"If life is truly meaningless and there is no rational basis for choosing among fundamental alternatives, then all choices are equal and there is no fundamental ground for choosing life over death," he wrote.

He quoted former US President Thomas Jefferson and Albert Einstein in the lengthy document.

The New Jersey native, who had studied psychology in college, had told his family and friends he was working on "a history of the Norman conquest of England."

The chapters in the document are titled 'Philosophy, Cosmology, Singularity, New Jersey' and 'How to Breed a God.'

Heisman's friends said he bought the gun, a .38-caliber pistol, three years ago.

They described him as being "cordial, considerate and quiet."

Heisman, a Jew, committed suicide in Harvard yard in front of a group of tourists, on the day of Yom Kippur, considered one of the holiest days in Jewish faith.

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