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BCA 5th Sem CS-68, 69, 70, 71 (Total): Rs. 500 only
CS-68 Computer Networks: Rs. 150 only

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CS-69 TCP/IP Programming: Rs. 150 only

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CS-70 Software Engineering: Rs. 150 only
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CS-71 Computer Oriented Numerical Techniques: Rs. 150 only

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BCA 5th Sem CS-68, 69, 70, 71 (Discounted Price): Rs. 500 only

marks update of Dec 09

The registrar,
New Delhi,
Maidan Garhi

Sub: Request for release of 4th and 5th sem results.
Ref: 1.Enrolment No: 082001919
2. R.C, Hyderabad Lr. No: 916dated 02-09-10 and Lr No: 977 dated
3. RC, Hyderabad FEE details.

I have appeared for 4th and 5th sem term end exams in dec-2009, june-2010 respectively. But my results were not yet released showing cause that my course registration details were not received from RC HYD. I have paid course and exam fee with in stipulated period every time since my admission. I have contacted RC duly requesting them to forward my fee particulars to IGNOU, New Delhi in response the RC forwarded course registration particulars to IGNOU cited under ref (2) and (3). I brought noticed the above matter to IGNOU New Delhi so many times. But I did not get any response from IGNOU, New Delhi.

Presently I am preparing for 6th sem hoping that I cleared all the subjects attempted for 4th and 5th sem as mentioned above. I am totally depressed and in confusion for which subjects to be prepared.

I firmly determined to complete my MCA course with in stipulated period but my hope was dragged for none of my mistake. It is a clear communication gap between RC, HYD and IGNOU, New Delhi.

Hence I request your good self to look into the matter seriously and arrange to release my TEE results at the earliest to enable me concentrate on my studies further. Your kind intervention in this matter will greatly help to end this problem with favorable result.
Thanking You Sir,
Your's faithfully
K.Rama Devi
G-3, Sai Ratna Castle,
Malakpet, saleem nagar colony,

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