Essays About The Causes Of World War 2

Causes of World War II

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Causes of World War II

There are many thoughts of how World War II started, and in
fact most of them are true. Hundreds of little problems led up
to what the world knows as the one of the most deadly of all
wars. From strong minded politicians, to poor economic
situations, World War effected just about everyone in the world.
Times were hard, people were unhappy about the end of World War
I, and many governments were left in shambles. The world once
again was a ticking bomb or unhappy people. Ultimately, it was
so many unhappy people that led to World War II.
The first obvious reason for the start of World War II, is
that the powers of countries were very ambitious. This ambition
led to a strong rise of Nationalism in their respective
countries. The main problem with the ambition was that it was
spread throughout the world. From Japan, to Italy, and
ultimately to Adolf Hitler in Germany. These leaders only
claimed to make time for their countries’ better. Their intent
was for something more. They were looking for more and more
power. This led to immediate conflicts with other nations.
Economic conditions was also another step to the beginning
of WWII. The ambitious leaders were in their positions due to
people wanting a better country. The idea of a stronger and
powerful country made the poverty stricken citizens want the
ambitious leaders in office. The poverty that stretched
throughout the world after WWI, also made the world want to be
made into a better place. People were looking to these powerful
people for survival. The leaders that they were putting into
power, acted as though they were going to help the general public
get back on track.
The weak governments in Western Europe were extremely
influential in the start of the war. As new politicians were
being elected the country began to rebuild. Production began to
go up, and people became happy again. Once this began to occur,
the new and extremely powerful leader really began to take the
reins. Alliances between countries were made, and enemies were
also made. The need to be that strongest country plagued each of
these new leader’s mind until one of them was brave enough to
achieve their goal. This ambition hurt the country, and

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eventually the world.
World War II started sort of like a snowball. It began as
one country trying to achieve to much, and eventually had the
entire world trying to right the wrongdoing of other countries.
If a person had realized what a problem these ambitious countries
would be, who knows if there would have been a World War. All of
the factors that contributed to the war were like layer in a
snowball. One, after another, after another. The amount of
problems eventually became so great that nothing could stop them
from tumbling out of control.

Causes of the Second World War Essay example

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Causes of the Second World War

War was declared by Britain and France on Germany, September 1939. World War II lasted for six years killing millions; injuring and traumatising many more. Two decades earlier, World War I had taken place also killing, injuring and traumatising millions.

How was it that even with the creation of the Treaty of Versailles aiming to limit Germany's power and prevent another war; twenty years later Europe was once again plunged into chaos.

Adolf Hitler and the Nazi party with their aggressive policies and actions, in my opinion, are to blame for the war. However, many others are responsible for allowing Hitler and Germany to be in this position and infact, the Treaty of Versailles, aiming to prevent…show more content…

Hitler also, chiefly through propaganda, attempted to increase Germany's birth rate; perhaps preparing for a much later war or great losses. He also started the 'Hitler Youth' where young boys were indoctrinated with Nazi ideas and trained to fight and accept war. Hitler thought Germany had lost W.W.I as they had to rely on other countries for war materials and this is why he wanted to achieve autarky (self-sufficiency) in Germany. His introduction of the four year plan seems to us to be an obvious way of Hitler saying he wanted a war.
The plan aimed to make Germany self-sufficient in war materials such as steel, rubber and oil.Infact, the amount of money invested into the industry and military meant Germany needed a war to stop its economy from collapsing (one can rape a country of its materials once it has been conquered). Hitler taking the Rhineland and annexing of the Sudetenland, although aggressive, was reasonable as both contained mainly Germans.
His 'pressurised' take over of Czechoslovakia however was a lot different as it contained few Germans. It was not a reversal of the Treaty of Versailles but Hitler's first strive for Lebensraum. The final straw was Hitler's 'Blitzkrieg'(lightning war) of Poland. France and Britain thought that Hitler had overstepped the line in his take over of Czechoslovakia, so they stated

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