Russian Revolution Essay Questions

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    Russia Essay Questions

    Here are some of the essay questions previously posted for the Russia national study. Please add your own questions to this list so this can become a really useful resource.

    - Accoutn for teh nature of Bolsehvik economic policy from 1917 - 1928
    - Discuss teh aims of teh NEP and its impact in the USSR
    - Accoutn for the relationship b/w the USSR and the Western powers to 1945
    - Assess the impact of War Communism and the NEP on both the peasentry and proletariat in Russian society b/w 1918 and 1928
    - Accoutn for the sucess of teh Communist party of the Soviet Union in consolidating the Bolsehivk Revolution in the period 1917 - 1928
    - Assess how the Bolsehivks were able to gain power in Russia in 1917
    -Why were the Bolsehivks abole to defeat their opponents by 1922?

    "...the Communist Party which emerged from the Civil War was morally very different from the party which had taken power in 1917." - J.N. Westwood

    Explain how and why the Communist Party changed its policies and methods in the years from 1917 - 1922.

    Assess the imapct of war communism and NEP on both the peasentry and proletariat in Russian socieity b/w 1918 - 1928

    Explain how the economic policies of the Communist party after 1928 contributed to Soviet Victory in the Great Patrotic War

    Discuss the aims of NEP and its impact on USSR

    Account for the relationship b/w the USSR and western powers to 1945

    Assess the extent to which industrilisation and collectivisation were sucessfully implimented

    Evaulate the contirbution of Stalin's use of nationalism to Russia's sucess in the Great Patriotic War

    Account for teh Changing nature of Bolsevhik economic policies from the Civil war to the introduction of collectivisation

    Assess the extent to whcih Stalin's leadership in the 1930s prepared Russia for the Great Patriotic war

    Account for the changes in policies of the ruling Communist Party in the SOivet Union in the period 1917-1934

    Explain how concerns over externatal security affected government policy making in teh Soviet Union in the period from 1921 - 1945

    -Assess the impace Stalin had on Russian society in the period 1917-1945.
    -Explain how political aned social divisions shaped Russia and the Soviet Union in the period 1917-1928.

    Please keep on adding to this thread!!

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    i've got couple essay questions 4 any1:

    -Assess impact of the Great Patriotic War on Communism and the Soviet Society

    -Evaluate impact of War Communism and the New Economic Policy on both peasantry and proletariat in Russian Society(1918-1928)

    -Why was Leon Trotsky unable to prevent the triumph of Stalin as leader of the USSR? AND why was he a better successor to Lenins seat of power?

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    Horribel Essay Question

    Hey this is some horrible essays we were given

    " Assess the reasons for the Soviet Victory in the Great Patriotic War"

    "Assess The Impact of The purges, show trials and the terror in the party and soviet society"

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    We had something like

    The actions of the Communist Party after 1917 were dominated by pragmatic necessity as opposed to ideology. Discuss

    It was such a great broad question that I could rant about endlessly

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    Now, what I want is Facts
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    Assess the role of the cult of personality in the creation and maintenance of a totalitarian society in the USSR, 1928-1945.

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    Explain how Soviet foreign policy in the 1920’s and 1930’s endeavoured to promote Communism

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    Re: Russia Essay Questions

    I know how annoying it was last year when I was tryoing to find a heap of Russia Q's, so Ill give you guys all the ones I did

    1) Assess the importance of individuals in causing the October 1917 revolution
    2)In your view, did the initial social, political and economic reforms of the Bolsheviks assist or hinder the new governments consolidation?
    3) Analyse the statement that the Bolsehviks consolidated power by sacrificing communist ideology. In your answer refer to the Russia Civil War
    4) War communism was a necessary policy and achieved its goals - discuss
    5) What were the primary goals of NEP, and were they achieved?
    6) Trotsky was superior to Stalin in both intelligence and oration, and was the second most prestigious Bolsehvik behind Lenin. Why could he not prevent Stalin from gaining power?
    7) Stalin believed his reforms coincided with Communist ideology. Discuss
    8) Womens issues in Soviet Russia were consistently compromised for the convenience of the Communist Party. Argue a case for or against this statement.
    9)Evaluate the impact of the economic policies of the 1930s on the proletariat, the peasantry and the kulaks
    10) Foreign policy goals in the 1930's were dramatically opposed to those espopused by the Communists in the 1920's. Evaluate this statement with reference to the Great PAtriotic War
    11) Evaluate the importance of cult of personality in the imposition of cultural revolution under Stalin after 1930.
    12) Assess the reasons for Soviet victory in the GPW.

    Hopefull I've got all the questions I answered there...I hope you 06'ers find these helpful.

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    Re: Russia Essay Questions

    - Discuss main causes of the oct. revolution.

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    Re: Russia Essay Questions

    Assess the extent to which Lenin was responsible for the October Revolution in 1917.

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    Re: Russia Essay Questions

    Outline the Bolsheviks consolidation of power (1917-1924).

    Russia is not so much a hard topic but it's just so friggen dense.

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  • Following each question are suggested points or terms to include in a response. Think about the connection and how you would include the item.

    1. Discuss the impact of the Treaty of Westphalia on the international system. Do its effects still resonate today?
      • Created sovereignty and states
      • Spread European influence
      • Challenged spiritual authority with a preference for the secular for political leadership

    2. Discuss the impact of Napoleon on world politics. How did French military victory (and defeat) alter international politics?
      • In North America and the impact on the early United States
      • In Europe in relations with Britain and Russia
      • The Concert of Europe after 1814

    3. Discuss the impact of German unification.
      • Radically shifted balance of power
      • Influenced military strategy, mobilization, and readiness of Germany’s neighbors
      • Strongest power in Europe
      • Iron Chancellor and realpolitik
      • Bismarckian system

    4. Discuss the impact of the Industrial Revolution.
      • Link to hierarchy among great powers
      • Britain was an industrial leader, and this status helped it become a global leader.
      • Germany also industrialized quickly and augmented its power.
      • France and especially Russia industrialized more slowly.
      • Link to trade
      • Industrialization was a major impetus for globalization.

    5. What led to World War I?
      • Uneven industrialization
      • Nationalism
      • Imperialism
      • Cult of the offensive
      • Alliance structure
      • Explanation by level of analysis
      • Explanation by paradigm

    6. What were the consequences of World War I?
      • Russian Revolution
      • Versailles settlement
      • A weak League of Nations and the road to another war
      • Economic collapse and the Great Depression

    7. What led to World War II?
      • Economic collapse
      • Protectionism
      • Nationalism
      • Fascism
      • Failure of the League of Nations
      • Overly punitive Versailles settlement
      • Changing balance of power
      • Explanation by level of analysis
      • Explanation by paradigm

    8. What were the consequences of World War II?
      • Uneasy alliance—the Cold War
      • The Holocaust
      • Atomic bomb

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