Senior Finance Manager Cover Letter

Finance Manager Cover Letter

A cover letter is one of the most effective one-page documents that can easily get you a job. It is a letter of self-introduction that you provide to the employer along with your resume. This is the only way through which you can get a chance of capturing the attention of the readers for demonstrating all the qualities that set you apart from all the other readers.

Writing a cover letter for finance manager can be a tough task because there will be many candidates applying for this job. However, you can make it easy by following the set rules of cover letter. A cover letter should start with a small introduction and identifying the position that you are applying for. After this, you will have to move to the main body of the letter, which will cover your reasons for applying, qualifications and experience, before you finish with a small conclusion.

Whenever you are responding to the position that has been advertised, the best option for deciding what you need to add in the main body of the letter should be identifying the attributes that the employer is looking for. Remember that you must match your competencies, skills and experience for every keyword in not more than two sentences showing that you have met the essential criteria and increased your chances of getting an interview. Try using some of the strong verbs, which will demonstrate accomplishment or action, like 'supervise' or 'organize'.

If you are planning to approach the prospective employer directly, the cover letter must highlight all your unique selling points or qualities that make you different from other people. However, make sure that these things compliment your resume; these qualities should be detailed further in your resume. Therefore, in your application letter you will simply have to summarize a few paragraphs of your experience and skills.

Below is an example finance manager cover letter, which can be helpful to you.

Sample Finance Manager Cover Letter

Your Contact Information
Isabella Roberts
3874 Dove Street
Brooklyn, NY93842
Mobile: 837-193-9173
E-mail id:

Employer Contact Information
Mr. Clark Richardson
Q&A Solutions
New York, NY94852

Date: June 17, 2011

Dear Mr. Richardson,

I am writing this application letter as I am interested in working with your organization as a Finance Manager. During my online job application process, I came across the exciting job opening of finance manager and I am sure that my experience and qualifications is the perfect match for this job. For your further review, I have attached my resume along with this application letter.

With my current position as a finance manager with GE Money, a leading manufacturer for produced goods with a total of 40 million in annual revenue, I am heading the company's corporate finance department.

Since I supervise a huge financial team, I oversee all the direct fiscal controls with immediate responsibility for day-to-day operations:

  • Creating monthly forecasting reports and financial statements
  • Evaluating the financial position of the company through correct analysis of every monthly income statement, quarterly revenue and expense report
  • Making ADP payroll for more than 300 employees that are assigned in seven different locations
  • Making sure that there is accurate and timely processing of A/R and A/P activities
  • Monitoring the cash flow with the use of on-line banking system
  • Handling legal proceedings and serious collection activities
  • Monitoring annual internal audits for ensuring compliance

If you think that there is a mutual interest, I would like to meet with you in person and learn more about your organization, requirements for the position of finance manager and how my qualifications can be helpful. Thank you for your consideration and I am waiting for your reply.

Isabella Roberts
Your Signature

Enclosure: Resume

Even you can draft your cover letter in the similar manner. Make sure you check your letter before sending it out.

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Hello There,

I have an outstanding Career in the Chicago land automobile business, I am able to deliver results with incredible energy! I have the passion and the drive to close deals and manage salespeople. I have spent my entire career in this industry as a manager in both sales & finance and look forward to the beginning of my next chapter.

If you are looking for experienced management and help training your staff with an extensive General and Finance Management background look no further. I have found passion in helping others achieve success through teaching showroom leasing to managing Automobile stores in the new millennium.

I believe that the combination of my sales and store management experience is well-suited to the position you have available. I have enclosed copy of my resume with additional information about my qualifications. Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to speaking with you and setting up a time to interview.


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